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For the Love of Tranji

Benji Schwimmer and Travis Wall own at life.

Tranji is Love
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I was so surprised to find that there was no community for either of my favorite dancers on sytycd and in general so I thought I'd create one myself! So here it is!
This is a community for all fans of Benji Schwimmer and/or Travis Wall.
There's a couple of simple rules for the community:

1. NO HATING! This is an all love community. If you love Benji more than Travis or love Travis more than Benji, that is completely fine but NO BASHING EITHER OF THEM! I love them both and I don't want to see any mean-ness towards either.

2. Everyone can post any information, pictures, icons, fanart, opinions, etc. but please please please put all pictures and icons and large amounts of text behind a cut as to not rape anyone's friends' page.

3. Please refrain from posting information about other sytycd contestants. Don't get me wrong, I think they are all amazing dancers but this is a community for Benji and Travis so please only post things relating to the two of them.

4. Have fun! This is just supposed to be a community to talk about and celebrate our favorite dancers on the show and all of their amazing-ness so keep it fun and nice and everyone will be happy :-)

If you need to contact me for some reason, you can do so through myspace messaging. The link to my myspace is under the webpage.

Congratulations to both the boys for making the final four and extra congrats to Benji for winning!!

<3 Brittany

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